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Quinn reworked
I reworked my character Quinn, formerly M4 with the awesome Spartacos Skin by the late StudioArtVartian ( Give it to me )
Now he is reworked with G2M, the base of the skin is Scott combined with the eyebrows of Oliver and beard of Phillip.
I am quite pleased with the outcome :)
Helping Hand
Done in DazStudio
Nariim and his best friend Quintaron, called Quinn, who is lending him a helping hand.
There is always time for a tango
Done for the wonderful render challenge "Dance" by Sickle Yield.
Was great fun to do it!
At home
Finally he received a name and a little bit of background information.

Character Sheet Nariin Wakur:

Name: Nariin Wakur

Meaning: fiery serious

Race: Onjjadir

Age: 34 

Gender: male

Homeplace: Onjjadir

Living place: Lowlands of Jidor

Occupation: tracker, farmer

Hight: 1,98

Weight: 86 kgs

Hair: white, long and messy on top, shaved sides

Eye color: orange brown

Skin color: tanned

Birth marks: wavy marks on cheeks and tummy, bottom and top fangs

Tattoos: yes, on his best parts in blue

Facial Hair: goatee

Appearance: musculus, defined and toned

Voice: dark and rough

Detailed Physical Description: rather small ears and hands with long fingers and nails

Typical clothing: some kind of snake skin

Personality: usually calm and relaxed, tends to stay with himself, controlled 

Skills: fierce fighter, good tracker, trained and physically strong

Sexual orientation: straight

Martial Status: single

Kids: none

When you first meet him: aloof

As you know him better and he likes you: friendly but still aloof

As you know him better and he does not like you: acid-tongued

Positive characteristic: accommodating

Negative characteristic: short-tempered when somebody tries to break through his loner being

Fav Color: ice blue

Fav Food: pies and stews

Fav animal: he is not an animal lover at all

Fav Instrument: he is not the musical type of person

Fav Element: the blue fires of his world

Least fav color: yellow

Least fav food: any kind of seafood

Least fav animal: all kind of cats - big or small

Least fav Instrument: trumpets - as his race has a very good sense of hearing, it hurts in his ears

Least fav element: sultry heat, rain

Hobbies: reading, hiking

Drink / smoke / drugs: none

Opinion on swearing: shit happens!

Music type: atonal songs of the highlands of Jidaph

Comfortable Temperature: any as long as humidity is low

Sleeping pattern: usually 6 to 8 hours per night

How does he pass time: reading, watching how the blue fire is dancing over the walls of his home

Drunk type: only time he becomes chatty

Done anything to get in trouble with the law: as he tends to stand with himself - no

Does he take initiative: not really

How does he act: passionate after he has overcome his natural aloofness

Gentleman vs. klutzy: caring

Go slow vs, jump into: go very very very slow, it takes a lot of time until he gets aroused

True love vs. testing different people: neither / nor - he is not believing in nor looking for true love

What kind of presents does he buy: useful things the presentee needs

Type of kisser: careful due to his fangs

Does he want kids: nothing he has ever thought seriously about

Is he romantic: not really

How is he in bed: as well careful as he is trying not to hurt his partner with his high physical strength and fangs

Toys: he has not yet tried any

Fetishes: none

S&M: nope

gets jealous easily: not really

Wife beater: no

Marry for money: there is no reason for getting married at all

Fav position: lady on top

Opinion on sex: overrated as there are enough exercises to calm bodily needs down

Done in DazStudio


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Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Classic, Pop
Favourite cartoon character: Woodstock
Tools: DazStudio 3 + 4, Realiy and Lux, PoserPro 2010 + 2012, Blender,
Photoshop Elements, Nikon D3000
Personal Quote: Luceo, non uro



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